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Mitch Kricun is a songwriter at heart, often found posing as a recording engineer/producer. A Bezerklee College of Music Alumni, writing, playing, engineering, producing and teaching Audio Engineering in the Philadelphia & New Jersey area. As a staff engineer at the famed Warehouse Recording, Sonic Recording and presently his own little well equipped recording studio, Mitch has had the great fortune to work along side some of the industries most notable luminaries such as: Andy Johns, Eric Amble, Nick Didia, Ross Hogarth, Dana Strumm, Will Smith, Jeff Townes, Tori Amos*, Sheryl Crow*, Ace Frehley, Cinderella, Marion Williams, Obie Obrien, Lance Quinn, Anthony Heilbut, Billy Falcon, Tony Reyes, Kenny Aaronoff, Grover Washington Jr, Lou Rawls, Odean Pope, Magnapop, Dead Milkmen, Eli Janney, Ted Nicely, Nate Morris (Boyz 2 Men), Gerald Veasley, The Smooths, Scratch(Roots), Early November,Ted Greenberg, Jamie Myerson, Bucky Baxter, Lauren Hart, Emi, Shane Warner, The Four Aces and hundreds of local bands and artists.

Mitch’s work has received glowing reviews in local and national periodicals including 4 Stars in Rolling Stone Magazine. The song "Sugardown" was featured on the debut album of Poland's American Idol winner Emi. Mitch's band the Vampire Dolphins continue to "WOW" people who don't know any better (and a few who do!) and are sick of being asked why they aren't famous yet. As a Songwriter, Mitch's songs have been featured in Film and Television (although not nearly enough!!) as well as a few cuts on records no one's ever heard of. 




Mitch Kricun is trying to live an authentic/adjective free life




As Is Records, 215-816-5372




Mitch Kricun, 215-816-5372




Mitch Kricun 215-816-5372


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